Microducts are a technology that has evolved over time with contributions from various individuals and companies in the field of telecommunications, fiber optics and polymer processing.

Microducts emerged as a response to the need for more efficient, flexible, modular, cost-saving ways to install and protect fiber optic cables. As demand for higher bandwidth increased, the telecommunications industry sought solutions to accommodate more fibers in limited spaces.

Companies in the telecommunications sector, as well as researchers and engineers, have been involved in developing and refining microduct technology. They have contributed to innovations in materials, design, and installation methods to make microducts an integral part of modern fiber optic networks.

While there isn’t a specific individual credited with inventing microducts, at least that’s what I’ve gathered from the documentation on the Internet, their development is a proof of the collaborative efforts of many professionals working in the telecommunications, fiber optics and polymer processing industry.

At TeraPlast SA, with more than 45 years of polymers processing expertise, we are manufacturing the TeraDuct microducts on state-of-the-art equipment, using the highest quality raw materials. Both the production line and the packaging line were designed to sustain high complexity projects.

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Microducts – facts
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