Microducts bundles – advantages

One of the main advantages of microducts bundles lies in their ability to accommodate and protect a high number of small-diameter fiber optic cables. This allows an efficient and cost-effective deployment of telecommunications networks, especially in scenarios where traditional, larger duct systems may be impractical or cost-prohibitive. The compact size, flexibility, and scalability of microduct[…]

Microducts – facts

Microducts are a technology that has evolved over time with contributions from various individuals and companies in the field of telecommunications, fiber optics and polymer processing. Microducts emerged as a response to the need for more efficient, flexible, modular, cost-saving ways to install and protect fiber optic cables. As demand for higher bandwidth increased, the[…]

Flexibility and protetion

Two advantages of microducts are #flexibility and #protection. 👉 #Microducts are flexible and easy to bend, making them suitable for installation in tight spaces, around corners and through buildings. 👉 Microducts provide physical protection to fiber optic cables, shielding them from environmental factors such as moisture, chemicals and physical damage. You can see below how the TeraDuct by TeraPlast SA[…]

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